Why Carpenter Ants Invade Tulsa Homes

There are pests that annoy homeowners and then there are pests that inspire dread in homeowners. Carpenter ants in Tulsa are one of those pests that inspire dread and make things difficult for homeowners thanks to their nesting habits. When making their nest, they form smooth tunnels inside the wood. This translates to future structural damage if not corrected quickly enough.
While they vary in size a bit, they grow to approximately 5/8″ long and are usually a dull black in color. In some cases, they may be a combination of red and black and possibly brown. This ant also possesses a rounded thorax and single petiole. If you suspect carpenter ants, the best thing to do is work with a team of pest control experts that know how to identify what type of ant has invaded and how to remove them.

Carpenter Ants Cause Damage

We mentioned before that carpenter ants cause property damage. However, this simple statement doesn’t really describe the full impact on Tulsa homeowners. While they don’t do as much damage as termites in the same timeframe, they do share some similarities that can’t be ignored.
For starters, carpenter ants can go unnoticed for a long time. An infestation can be severe without your knowledge. Over time, this leads to structural damage, which means a lot of money spent to fix your home that wasn’t in the budget. Finally, carpenter ants also forage for food, which can potentially lead to food contamination and other related complications. The only good carpenter ant is one that’s nowhere near your property.

What Attracts Carpenter Ants

Since carpenter ants don’t eat the wood they tunnel through, they need access to food, which is what really brings them to your Tulsa home. Some conditions are more favorable for carpenter ants, which is why you’ll want to avoid:

  • Moisture: Moisture is king for carpenter ants so if there’s a leak in the home, standing water, or waterlogged wood in the immediate vicinity, this pest will gladly make themselves at home. Check hot spots like bathrooms, drains, doorways, and windows often to ensure they don’t sneak by you.
  • Food: Protein and sugar are the food items this ant loves most. Some popular foods for them are pet food because it has plenty of protein and is usually left out for the pet’s easy access. Another food is honeydew. This is a sweet liquid produced by aphids. By controlling the aphid population on your property, you can better manage the carpenter ant population. Don’t forget to monitor your garbage while checking other sources.
  • Debris Piles: Firewood near your home that has also gotten wet equals one giant beacon to carpenter ants. Bringing contaminated firewood into the home can lead to a severe infestation if they haven’t already invaded, to begin with.

Keep Carpenter Ants Away with Montgomery Exterminating

Pest control and prevention is all about keeping you and your family safe, which is the ultimate mission for the team here at Montgomery Exterminating. For that reason, we have developed home pest control plans specifically for homes in Tulsa and surrounding areas. With our team, you get experts trained to ensure you remain protected on two different levels. While not our specialty, we provide interior services to address pests that have already have invaded. However, our true strength lies in our exterior service. After all, if they never get inside in the first place, you can’t have a pest infestation.
Do you need carpenter ant prevention services? Then give our team at Montgomery Exterminating a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional ant control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.


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