Birds and Bats

Birds and bats in Oklahoma can wreak havoc on outdoor spaces. Birds peck at crops and seeds, leaving behind droppings that deface structures and pose health risks. Bats nesting in attics and barns leave corrosive guano and disrupt sleep with their nocturnal activities. Managing their impact is crucial for maintaining outdoor environments.

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Safeguarding Your Space: Mitigating Bird and Bat Intrusions

Discover a range of effective strategies to prevent and manage bird and bat intrusions on your property. Birds and bats, while fascinating creatures, can sometimes pose challenges when they intrude upon our living spaces. To address this, it’s essential to implement proactive measures that discourage their presence without causing harm.

One approach is to seal off potential entry points, such as gaps in roofing or siding, to prevent birds and bats from nesting in unwanted areas like attics or barns. Additionally, using deterrents such as bird netting or bat boxes can discourage these animals from roosting in problematic locations. Humane exclusion methods, such as providing clear exit routes while blocking re-entry points, can also encourage birds and bats to relocate to more suitable habitats.

By employing these strategies, you can effectively mitigate the impact of bird and bat intrusions and maintain a harmonious outdoor environment for both wildlife and residents.

Our Bird and Bat Control Process


Thoroughly assess your property to identify areas of bird and bat activity, including nesting sites and entry points.


Implement targeted strategies to deter birds and bats from your property, such as sealing entry points, installing deterrents, and employing humane exclusion methods.


Regularly monitor your property to ensure the effectiveness of the control measures implemented and address any new bird or bat activity promptly.


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Professional wildlife control services specialize in employing safe and humane relocation techniques that ensure the welfare of birds and bats while respecting their natural habitats. By opting for humane relocation solutions, you can resolve conflicts with these creatures in a manner that promotes coexistence between wildlife and humans while preserving the integrity of your property and the surrounding ecosystem.

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