How To Keep Gophers Out Of Your Owasso Yard

Gophers are a pest not many homeowners account for until they’re actively damaging lawns and gardens. Gophers can be an essential part of a local ecosystem, but they are also quite destructive if they are left alone. It’s important you know how to get rid of these pests correctly so that this article will focus on the basics of gopher control in Owasso

We’ll start by taking a look at some of the more common signs of gophers in and around your yard. Once you’ve learned more about spotting these pests, we’ll talk about the dangers of having gophers in your yard and the damage they can do. After that, we’ll give you some practical advice to help you keep your lawn and garden safe from gophers. 

Finally, we’ll discuss the benefits of working with pest control experts to remove gophers from your property for good. Here at Montgomery Exterminating, we’re committed to helping local residents handle all pests and keep their homes and yards safe.

Signs Of Gopher Activity: How To Spot Gopher Mounds And Tunnels

The first step to gopher control is proper identification, so let’s take a quick look at some of the signs gophers leave behind to indicate their presence. 

Gophers are solitary mammals that spend much of their time underground, so you may not have many opportunities to spot one. While you might not see any live gophers, the evidence of their presence is usually quite clear. The most obvious sign is mounds of excavated dirt found in crescent-shaped piles. You typically find these mounds in groups. The dirt is usually mostly on one side, with a circular plug of dirt in the center that leads to a gopher tunnel. 

Gophers are vegetarians, so they obtain a lot of their food by digging underneath plants and vegetables, venturing out just far enough to eat them, and then returning to the safety of their tunnels. As a result, you may also notice that certain plants begin to decline, die out, or get mysteriously eaten when gophers are around. 

Identifying gophers is also important, so let’s make sure you can recognize these pests. Gophers are rodents with long front teeth, small ears and eyes, and short tails. Their fur is soft and fine and usually brown. They measure 5 to 10 inches long on average. Gophers use their front legs and large front teeth to dig through soil; usually, only one gopher is in a tunnel system. 

We’ll talk about some gopher control methods in a moment, but first, let’s review the impact these pests can have on your yard.

Is It Dangerous To Have Gophers In Your Yard?

Gophers can be helpful to the environment, but they are also destructive when allowed to remain near lawns and gardens. Gopher damage can often result in dead or wilting grass, dead patches on your lawn, and withered garden plants and vegetables. Gopher mounds can also interfere with lawn care, and gophers may cause damage to cables, sprinkler systems, or other underground fixtures on your property. 

It’s often best to contact a gopher pest control company to help you fully remove these pests.

Gardening Resilience: Protect Your Plants From Gopher Damage

One of the best ways to handle a gopher problem is to take preventative steps ahead of time. Setting up measures to mitigate pest issues is often better than trying to get rid of a pest on your own. Here are some natural gopher control techniques you can implement: 

  • Install heavy wire mesh around the perimeter of your garden
  • Use wire mesh baskets around individual plants
  • Grow vegetables in containers or raised beds
  • Use landscape fabric to solidify the barrier between gophers and your garden 

Following these preventative steps will help you keep your lawn and garden safe from gophers and the damage they can cause. If you need assistance with a gopher problem in Owasso, feel free to call Montgomery Exterminating.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Gophers In Your Garden

Here at Montgomery Exterminating, we’re dedicated to helping local homeowners with any pest problem they might face. Since 1989, we’ve offered the most dependable, flexible, personal gopher removal services in the Owasso area. We’ll help you identify the source of the issue and remove it quickly and safely. 

With outstanding customer service and more than 25 years of experience, you can trust Montgomery Exterminating to help you get rid of any gopher infestation. Call us today for more information.


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