Are Bats Taking Over Your Tulsa Property?

We want to help you with bat removal in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As you’ll see shortly, getting rid of bats is a much more delicate task than many other forms of pest control. 

The disadvantages of bats for area homeowners are clear: they can disrupt your day-to-day life, they can leave potentially dangerous germs around your home, and they can come into direct contact with you and your family if they feel threatened. 

However, you can’t simply treat bats like pest insects for reasons we’ll get into soon enough. You’ll need to proceed carefully to avoid further issues. But the good news here is that professional bat control providers can help you navigate this tricky area of pest control. With the right help from Montgomery Exterminating, you can overcome the bats taking over your property and return to business as usual. 

This article will guide you through the basics of bat control and the importance of professional control options. Let’s get started. 

Signs Of A Bat Infestation

Signs of bats in the house are the key to making the right moves and resolving a bat infestation before it worsens. 

Some of the most common signs of a bat infestation include droppings on your property, especially near confined spaces, an ammonia smell, unexpected odors, and, of course, live bats flying in the vicinity around your home. You may also notice small holes or openings in your home that weren’t there before.

These signs strongly point to the presence of bats in your home and should inspire immediate action. Bats should not be left to their own devices, as an infestation could easily worsen, potentially putting you and your family at greater risk in the process. Further, regulations relating to the protection of bats discourage DIY bat control solutions. 

What You Should Know About Bat Laws And Regulations

Many states across the United States have enacted laws and regulations that specifically protect various species of bats. In a fundamental sense, this is to safeguard wildlife species currently threatened by humans. Certain species may even be considered endangered, making it illegal to harm any members of these species.  

Because of these laws and regulations, professional bat removal is the name of the game in the world of bat control. Trying to approach or remove bats on your own is a disaster waiting to happen. Direct confrontations can be hectic and even dangerous, even if you don’t intend to harm the bats. 

But you don’t have to go it alone. Bat control experts are well-versed in the relevant laws and regulations and trained to safely handle and remove bats from properties; this creates a win-win: the bats can find a new home in the wild, and you can go back to enjoying your home. 

Humane Bat Removal: Protecting Bats While Safeguarding Your Home

In terms of how to remove bats, this varies depending on the specifics of each situation. For example, if the bats are hiding in your attic, bat control providers may choose to limit the bats’ access to that space while simultaneously providing a clear exit route, allowing bats to leave the house without letting them back inside. 

Unlike insect pest control, bat control focuses on maintaining the pests’ safety while encouraging them to leave your property alone. 

Because the solution differs for each home, it’s best to contact a bat control service as soon as possible to begin the process. 

Contact The Experts About Bat-Proofing Your Home

Bat control specialists can help identify the root of the problem and form a plan to remove the bats safely and in a timely fashion. Professional bat control is superior to DIY control in every way, and it’s the best way to prevent further issues. 

Professional bat removal services can help you reclaim your home. To learn more about our home pest control options, contact Montgomery Exterminating today.


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