Mouse Control In Owasso: Tips And Techniques For A Mouse-Free Home

Sometimes mice are cute. Other times, they are not. For us, it all depends on where we find these small rodents. If we find them at a pet store or inside a cage at a person’s house, we may think they are great. If we find them nibbling on wires inside of wall voids, we don’t like them as much. If you are not too fond of the idea of wild mice causing trouble inside your Owasso home, here are some things you need to consider about these pests. Contact our team at Montgomery Exterminating if you would like to hear how we handle these furry invaders. We will answer questions you might have about mouse pest control in Owasso and help you make an appointment to have these pests removed from your home. Even if you’re not currently dealing with mice in your home, keep reading to learn some tips and tricks to keep these rodents at bay.

Signs Of A Mouse Infestation: How To Spot Them Early

Sometimes it is easy to know when your home has a mouse infestation. For instance, if you see one of these tiny rodents run under your feet, it means you have a problem. The only issue is that mice are notoriously shy. They do their absolute best to stay out of sight and will only come out into living areas at night or when their own living areas become too cramped. Keeping this in mind, it is good to know some other common signs of mice in Owasso. Here are a few to consider.

  • Torn up paper
  • Shredded fabrics
  • Holes chewed through walls
  • Electrical outages in wall outlets
  • Grease marks
  • Fecal droppings
  • Damage to food boxes
  • Gnaw marks on the legs of furniture
  • Odd noises late at night

Because mice are often difficult to identify, we highly recommend bringing in our team if you suspect these pests are inside your home. We know exactly where these rodents like to hide and can help you quickly spot an active infestation. Our team can also talk you through some of our popular rodent control methods after they are done inspecting your home and property. 

Why Mice Are A Problem: Health Risks And Property Damage

Mice are certainly scary creatures. What most people do not consider is how these rodents can cause them harm. The biggest issue associated with mice is the threat of illness. These pests carry and spread a number of harmful disease vectors on and inside their bodies. You might get sick from interacting with an area mice have been or their fecal droppings. You might also get sick from a bite. One common issue with mice is that they carry fleas and ticks. These smaller pests also bite and spread disease to humans and pets. 

Mice are not just dangerous. They are also destructive. These furry invaders love to gnaw holes through walls, tear up things like insulation and fabrics, nibble on electrical wires and utility pipes, gnaw on furniture, and chew into food boxes. Depending on the extent of an infestation, this damage can range from mildly annoying to costing thousands of dollars in repairs.

The Importance Of Prompt Mouse Removal: Call Us Right Away!

You should not wait to have mice removed from your home. If these pests are around, it is only a matter of time before they cause trouble. Thankfully, mouse control is only a phone call away. Our team at Montgomery Exterminating has been serving members of our community for years. We have the experience and tools needed to handle all types of rodents and would be more than happy to help you identify and handle mice inside or around your home. Take a moment today to contact our team and learn more about our beneficial services. 

Preventative Measures For Mice: Keep Them Out Before They Get In

There are so many great ways to deter mice. If you have some time on your hands and would like to safeguard your home, try these preventative measures to keep mice away.

  • Seal holes and openings around your home’s exterior foundation using steel wool and liquid cement.
  • Address damage to windows and doors screens and keep unscreened windows and doors closed.
  • Store food inside air-tight containers or in the refrigerator.
  • Make sure your trash cans are tightly sealed and regularly emptied.
  • Keep your home clean.
  • Address clutter indoors.

Call our team at Montgomery Exterminating to learn more about all of our rodent control options and find more ways to avoid these pests in Owasso for good.


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