How To Handle Sneaky Moles Tearing Up Your Tulsa Yard

Moles are unique mammals with a face that either repulses you or causes you to giggle with how cute they are. Unfortunately, since they spend their lives underground, we rarely get a good look at these creatures. Even more unfortunate is the fact that these small mammals cause severe damage to our Tulsa lawns and landscapes. At Montgomery Exterminating, we want to help you get a handle on these pests by providing you with the following information and by implementing our effective mole control services.

What Are Moles?

Spending their lives underground, moles are creatures that most people only know about from pictures, not from coming into contact with them in their yard. The mole’s biggest claim to fame is their exceptional digging abilities. Their large, powerful front feet and rounded claws allow them to tunnel through the soil under our Tulsa lawns and gardens with ease. 

Though many people assume the damage that moles cause to plants is by feeding on their roots, the truth is their digging and tunneling habits are what cause the damage to our lawn’s plants. Moles are actually insectivores and have a diet consisting of earthworms, grubs, and other ground-dwelling insects. Living underground is why preventing and controlling nuisance moles is so difficult. 

How Much Damage Can A Mole Cause?

Learning about mole control is very important because moles can cause significant damage to our yards quickly. Understanding the damage they cause will help you understand why controlling moles in your Tulsa yard is important. 

Damage and dangers associated with moles:

  • Moles create unsightly dirt mounds on the surface of your lawn.
  • The tunnels that moles create make mowing and even walking across your lawn difficult. The tunnels can collapse, causing a safety hazard.
  • Moles cause damage to the grass and plants in your yard. Landscaping is expensive, and moles cause hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages when living in our Tulsa yards.
  • Since moles spend their lives underground, they are not a danger to people. But, if they do come into contact with a person or a nosy pet, they can bite, and these critters do carry rabies! Professional mole control is the safest way to get rid of these unpredictable animals!

Don’t Try To Tackle A Mole Problem On Your Own

If moles have found their way into your yard, you may be tempted to take care of them yourself. However, we would caution you in doing so. The best mole control is done with the help of a professional, not by trying to tackle the infestation on your own. 

The biggest reason that DIY mole control is ineffective is that moles live below the surface of the ground. Using things like mothballs to create an unpleasant odor doesn’t bother moles, and if it does, they will just tunnel deeper to get away from the smell. Trying to block their tunnels also won’t work; they will just tunnel around the obstacle. Trying to use chemicals to get rid of moles from your lawn puts you, your family, and the plants they haven’t damaged at risk. 

Professional mole control is always the best option to ridding your Tulsa property of these damaging pests!

The Easiest Way To Control Moles

The best mole control that is the safest and most effective is professional mole control. At Montgomery Exterminating, our professionals know moles, they know how to find them, and will remove them from your property in the most humane manner possible! 

To learn more about controlling nuisance moles, reach out to us at Montgomery Exterminating today! We provide our customers with mole control methods that are safe, effective, and will eliminate destructive moles, allowing their yards to return to their former glory. If you are looking for help controlling moles in your Tulsa yard, we are here to help!


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