How To Get Rid Of Termites: A Comprehensive Guide For Owasso Homeowners

Whenever a homeowner hears the word “termite,” the first words that come to mind are usually “destruction” and “expensive.” Termites easily move into homes through small cracks and crevices they discover, using their tiny size to their advantage.

It is very easy to overlook the presence of termites because these insects spend most of their lives either in the ground or inside the wood they use as a food source.  Termites are not like ants; you won’t spot them crawling around the surfaces of your Owasso, Oklahoma, home.

The key to eliminating these silent invaders and preventing their return is to partner with an Owasso termite control professional. At Montgomery Exterminating, we are here to help you discover everything you need to know about destructive termites.

Termite Activity: How To Identify The Signs

The subterranean termite is the most common type of termite to call our region of Oklahoma home. These termites nest and travel underground, making hiding their presence on your property easy.

If termites in Owasso have found their way to your property, you may begin to notice some of their more common signs:

  • Mud tubes: Subterranean termites will create pencil-width mud tubes to travel above the ground and along the exterior of foundation and basement walls. These mud tubes help them avoid predators and maintain their moisture needs.
  • Termite swarm: If a mature termite colony is present, you may see winged termites swarming in or around your home in large numbers. Winged reproductive termites will emerge from a nest, usually in the spring, to find a mate and create a new nest and colony.

Other signs of a termite infestation include:

  • Windows or doors that suddenly do not open or close easily
  • Wood floors that feel spongy as you walk across them
  • Paint on walls that is blistering or bubbling
  • Buckling floorboards
  • Small holes in the exterior of wood or drywall

If you are ever concerned about termites on your property, never hesitate to ask for help. As a group, termites are responsible for causing more than five billion dollars in damage each year; they are not a pest you should ever ignore! Luckily, our professionals are here to help you maintain and keep your property free of destructive termites. 

From Bad To Worse: How Termite Damage Can Escalate Quickly

The damage that termites cause doesn’t happen overnight. It can actually take several months or even years for them to wreak enough havoc for the damage to be noticed. Though it can seem like termite damage happens overnight, in reality, they have been slowly eating away at the wood in your home for a long time.

When subterranean termites decide to use your home as a food source, their feeding habits will compromise your home’s structure, reduce your home’s value, and drain your bank account. Did you know that most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover termite damage?

Though termite damage can escalate quickly, the good news is that you can guard your home against these wood-eating pests with the help of the experts at Montgomery Exterminating. Don’t leave it up to chance whether or not termites will find their way to your home. Guard your home against these wood-eating pests with the help of a termite specialist near you.

Professional Termite Extermination: Know When To Call In The Experts

When it comes to avoiding termite damage and getting rid of termites in your home, the best plan of attack is a plan developed by an Owasso pest control professional. While DIY termite control options are available, they are often ineffective and, if not used correctly, could be a hazard to you and your family.

Montgomery Exterminating is committed to our customers and offering the most effective termite control services possible. We provide proven, eco-friendly termite control solutions that you can trust to work. Our professionals will work closely with you to meet your property’s termite control needs. Call today to learn more!

Protecting Your Property: Effective Termite Prevention Methods

In addition to contacting a professional termite control expert to guard your home against termites, use the following prevention methods:

  • Ensure your home has good ventilation and use dehumidifiers to help reduce humidity levels.
  • Quickly remove water-damaged wood from in or on your home.
  • Make sure gutters are clear and downspouts are directing water away from the exterior of your home.
  • Make fast repairs to leaky pipes or roofs. 
  • Don’t allow wood on your home or yard to directly contact the ground. 
  • Remove things like fallen trees, tree stumps, old wood fencing, and other decaying wood from your property.

For the best termite control in Owasso, contact Montgomery Exterminating. Call today to schedule a termite inspection.


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