How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Tulsa Yard For Good

April 10, 2023

Moles can cause a lot of problems in your yard. While they aren’t actively harmful to you, their tunnels can quickly mess up lawns and gardens if left unchecked. Now that the weather is growing warmer and summer is approaching, you are more likely to encounter these creatures in your yard in Tulsa. Mole control is best left to a professional pest control company, as they can identify the source of the infestation and deal with these creatures humanely. Montgomery Exterminating, the best name in Tulsa pest control, is here to help you reclaim your yard from these annoying pests.

How To Tell If You Have Moles In Your Yard

First, how can you tell if there are moles in your yard? The most obvious sign that you have a mole problem is raised ridges of soil in your yard. These ridges result from the underground tunnels the moles create to get around. Moles have very small eyes and ears, so they prefer to be underground as much as possible. Along with the ridges, another common sign of moles is the appearance of molehills, small mounds of upturned soil throughout your yard. However, you aren’t likely to see any moles as they rarely venture above ground. If you see these signs in your yard, it’s best to contact a professional mole control service in Tulsa.

The Extent Of Damage Moles Can Create In Your Yard

Contrary to popular belief, moles are mammals, not rodents, and they don’t cause the same issues that rodents tend to. However, moles can cause a number of problems for your lawn. The ridges and molehills that they make while tunneling can disturb turf and cause dead patches on your lawn. Moles eat mostly earthworms, insects, and other small creatures found in the soil. Even though they don’t eat plant matter, they can harm gardens by uprooting crops or tunneling through the garden in search of food. Other pests, like snakes or field mice, may also move into the moles’ old burrows once the moles have vacated, causing more issues. Controlling moles in your lawn can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s look at some things that might attract moles to your yard and examine what you can do to mitigate these factors.

Factors That Attract Moles To Your Yard And Garden

Moles in Tulsa are primarily attracted to loose soil that contains large amounts of moisture. These conditions ensure a continual food supply of earthworms and other small creatures. Therefore, the best way to mitigate mole activity involves changing the properties of the soil in your yard. Mole control in Tulsa can be difficult, but here are a few simple tips that will give you a head start.

  • Keep gardens fenced in and check them frequently for bugs that might be a food source for moles.
  • Use castor oil to repel moles, as it is an effective mole control product. 
  • Make sure your lawn is well-fertilized to keep out grubs and earthworms.
  • Dogs and cats will naturally prey on moles and drive them away.

These tips are meant to help prevent moles but may not keep them away completely. If you find yourself with a mole infestation, you should contact a local professional pest control company that deals with these elusive critters.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Mole Problem 

Moles in your yard can be the catalyst for many other problems, and effective mole pest control is key to preventing those issues before they happen. That’s why you should contact Montgomery Exterminating if you’re dealing with moles in Tulsa. We are a family-owned company that has served Oklahoma since 1989. Our customer service is what makes us really stand out. We are loyal to our customers, equipped to offer customized services, and committed to your satisfaction. Contact Montgomery Exterminating today!


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