How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles In Your Tulsa Home

The thought of having tiny bugs crawling around in your carpeting is enough to cause shivers down your spine. To be honest, having any bugs indoors is unfavorable. Today we will be answering the question, what are carpet beetles? If you need to know more about these invasive and destructive insects and how they affect Tulsa homes, keep reading. If you have been seeing these bugs indoors and need them out fast, jump over to our contact page. We would be happy to discuss the problems you are having and find a quick solution to meet your pest control needs.

How To Tell If It’s Carpet Beetles In Your Home

Carpet beetles are one of those pests that leave signs behind when they invade local homes. Of course, the easiest way to identify these insects is to see them. Identify an adult carpet beetle by its round, 1/16” long patchy body. A carpet beetle’s patches are black, brown, white, and yellow and appear across its body in irregular patterns. If you do not see these bugs indoors, here are some other signs of carpet beetles to help you identify an infestation.

  • Bare areas on wool-blend rugs
  • Hairs falling out of furs
  • Damage to fabrics like clothing, blankets, and drapes
  • Shed larvae skins in hard-to-reach areas indoors

For more help identifying carpet beetles, bring in a professional for a detailed inspection. At Montgomery Exterminating, we offer quick and accurate identification services to help homeowners better understand what pests are living inside their homes.

The Damage Carpet Beetles Can Do To Carpets And Furniture

There are lots of pests that damage fabrics here in Tulsa, so identifying carpet beetles from damage alone will be difficult. Keeping this in mind, these pests love to chew through wool-based carpets, gobble up the hair in decorative and wearable furs, and nibble holes through articles of clothing. If your carpet is looking noticeably ratty in some areas, look closely for these bugs. If you suspect you have any fabric-eating pests indoors, do not hesitate to get a professional involved. 

How Carpet Beetles Find Their Way Into Your Home

Before there are carpet beetles in your kitchen and carpet beetles in your bathroom, there are carpet beetles somewhere outside your home. The question is, where do these pests come from and how do they get indoors? Most often, carpet beetles sneak in through cracks in windows and doors and openings around plumbing pipes, electrical ducts, chimneys, and vents. These small bugs are attracted to light and will make a bee-line to your home at night if it is the brightest thing around. Sometimes homeowners bring carpet beetles indoors. These insects love to hide inside storage boxes, used clothing, and second-hand furniture. Be aware of this next time you bring anything fabric-based indoors. 

Get Rid Of A Carpet Beetle Infestation In Your Home Fast!

In order to deal with a carpet beetle infestation inside your Tulsa home, you should consider hiring a pest control professional. For pest care you can trust, let our team at Montgomery Exterminating lend you a helping hand. Our team is experienced with advanced pest control products and knows how to use treatments and strategies to remove fabric-eating bugs like carpet beetles from your home. Let us perform a detailed inspection and suggest an approach to handle your infestation fast.

Call now to discover more about your options for pest control in Tulsa and schedule an appointment for your home. We will solve your carpet beetle problem and answer any questions you have about these or other area pests. 


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