Gophers Can Tear Up Your Lawn In Owasso If You Aren’t Careful

Do you take good care of your lawn? If so, how many hours a week do you spend landscaping? To maintain beautiful and healthy grass, a fair amount of time and effort is needed. But even with this, there are still things that can hinder your efforts. One thing that destroys turf and damages plant growth in Owasso is ground pests. Today we will be talking about gophers and the many problems these tunneling rodents cause around area properties. If you are currently dealing with a gopher or gophers on your property and you are looking for an immediate answer to your problem, reach out to the experts at Montgomery Exterminating for quick gopher control services. For more information about these ground pests, here are some things to consider today.

The Signs Of Gophers In Owasso

Before we talk about do-it-yourself gopher control and the problems these pests cause on area properties, it is important that you know how to identify these pests. Seeing that gophers spend the majority of their lives underground, identifying these rodents around area properties can be difficult. The two things you should know are: what gopher holes look like and what gophers look like. To start, a gopher digs holes at an angle into the ground. Dirt around holes is piled up in a crescent shape. Another way to identify a gopher hill is by the size of the dirt chunks. Dirt chunks gophers dig are much larger than the dirt chunks left by other ground pests in our area. As for identifying gophers, these rodents are 5 to 14” long, brown, and have blunt facial features. Another great way to identify gophers is by the extensive damage they cause around properties which we will talk about in a bit.

What Attracts Gophers To Your Yard?

Gophers do not need much to be happy. They just need dirt to dig through and something to eat. What do gophers eat? These yard rodents live on a diet of roots, seeds, leaves, stems, bulbs, grass, and garden plants. Unless your yard is completely barren, without any trees, grass, or other plant growth, gophers will have a reason to invade. Your chances of finding a gopher in your yard really comes down to random chance and whether these pests are living on a nearby property. That said, there is one DIY gopher pest control tip that will help keep these pests away. It involves installing a fence around your yard and garden. This fence has to extend underground at least a foot and a half. If you do not have the finances to do this, a much cheaper option is to invest in pet-friendly gopher control, courtesy of Montgomery Exterminating.

Can Gophers Cause Irreparable Damage To Your Lawn?

If you notice a gopher on your property, quickly addressing the problem is key to avoiding extensive damage. What damage do gophers cause? Good question. The most noticeable damage these pests cause is seen in surface turf. As these pests tunnel and consume grassroots, surface turf withers and dies. If this wasn’t enough, the holes gophers dig are unsightly and make yards look unkempt. When gophers get into gardens, they can damage ornate and edible plant growth. Finally, to top everything off, gophers can severely damage underground electrical cables and water pipes which can disturb processes inside your home. The good news is that you do not have to live with gophers on your property! There is a quick and easy solution to remove these pests and keep them away in the future.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Gophers Away?

Your Owasso lawn is important to us. This is why, at Montgomery Exterminating, we put great effort into our pest control. If you are dealing with gophers or other yard pests on your Owasso property, let one of our friendly technicians pay you a visit. We will inspect your property, identify what types of pests are causing problems, and walk you through some options to address your problem quickly. If you are looking for a long-term option to keep ground pests away, we have plans for that as well.

Call Montgomery Exterminating today to discuss your options with one of our friendly service representatives. We will answer any questions you have and show you why we are your premier option for pest control in Owasso.


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